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The virtues of growing older 课后练习答案

The virtues of growing older  课后练习答案

T ext comprehension

I. Decide which of the following best states the author’ s purpose of writing.


From the last sentence of the second paragraph and second sentence in the last paragraph, we can see that it is not the writer’s purpose to deny the virtues of being young. She hopes to point out some of the “ distinct advantages” and “ a great deal of happiness to be found” in the process of aging. So A is not correct. B only touches part of the text, namely the first two paragraphs.

II. Judge, according to the text, whether the following statements are true or false.

1. F. Refer to Paragraph 3. They were much concerned with their appearances, both the shape of their bodies and the fashion of their clothes.

2. F. Although they are still wearing fashionable clothes, they are no longer at the mercy of fashion and “ no longer slaves to style” .

3. F. Under the carefree appearances, young people are troubled by “ unknowns in the future” .

4. T. Refer to Paragraph 5.

III. Answer the following questions.

1. The beginning statement tells readers about the fact that Americans worship youth. In other words, they are afraid of growing older. This fear is manifested in their efforts “ to delay the effects of age” with the passion for cosmetics and physical exercises. (Paras. 1, 2)

2. The writer mentions three aspects to show distinct advantages of growing older , i.e.1ess concern of one’ s appearance(Para. 3), less uncertainty about the unknowns in the future(Para. 4)and self-identity(Para. 5).

3. The writer says, “ when you are young , major decisions await you at every turn. ” This suggests that they feel uncertain about what would happen to them and what they would do in the future. ( Para. 4)

4. The writer presents the distinct difference between the adolescents and the forty-year-olds by repeated use of “ Being young means…” or “ It means…” in contrast with “ I … now …” or “ I no longer …” . ( Para. 5)

5. The writer learns the significance from her parents’ contentment that the newer (younger) is not necessarily better, and she can be happier than before as she grows older. ( Para. 6) IV . Explain in your own words the following sentence taken from the text.

1. I am embarrassed to admit that women are less capable than men of resisting the temptation of fashion.

2. It means that you make friends with different people in order to find a new identity for yourself.

Structural analysis of the text


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