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Kentucky Fried Chicken

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2.Founder Profile

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3.Team spirit


Kentucky Fried Chicken usually referred to as KFC, is well-known fast-food restaurant chain from the United States. In 1952, Salt Lake City was authorized to operate KFC restaurants by Colonel Harland Sanders created. Followed, in the United States and Canada, he has developed a chain of 400. KFC is the world-famous fried chicken fast food chain in the world with more than 10,000 restaurants. KFC and the well-known casual dining brand Pizza Hut (PIZZA HUT), Mexico, taste restaurant of TACO the BELL and A & W, Long John Silver's (LJS) belong to one of the world's largest restaurant chain - Yum Brands.

Founder Profile
1897s-year-old Harlan Sanders are already familiar with more than 10 kinds of rural cooking recipes. 1930s in the small kitchen of his roadside restaurant, Harland Sanders, has successfully developed out of the Kentucky mysterious formula.The restaurant business increasingly prosperous 1939s, Harland Sanders's skill and reputation to attract a large number of customers. In recognition of his contribution to culinary industry, Harland Sanders was named a Kentucky Colonel.1950s Colonel Harland Sanders, authorized to operate within the United States. With the strict qualityrequirements, the colonel personally authorized franchisee guidance. 1960s throughout the United States, people enjoy Kentucky sucking refers to the delicious chicken flavor. Gradually dissolved in to people's lives. 1980s, the Colonel died, their home state government gives its Honorary Life.

Team spirit
KFC advocate team spirit. As the world's largest and most successful chain of fast food one of enterprise, one of the secrets of KFC is: never to dynamic, willing to challenge their young people open its doors, and pay attention to the training of the staff, to encourage the staff and KFC grow together. The success of the KFC, derived from nearly nine hundred thousand employees worldwide struggle together. Around the world, KFC will always the demand of customers in the first, make customer in enjoy all kinds of high quality food at the same time, also can experience the most welcoming the first-class service and dining environment.

Corporate culture
slogan -Life more charming In November 2006, yum brands group, the KFC brand became the world's first space can see from the brand. This is the world's largest logo. From 65000 pieces of 1 square feet of chromatic ceramic tile assembly and into space visual KFC logo. New logo for the KFC KFC world most reputation, popular brand of advancing with The Times add contemporary feeling. The new logo will be used to the restaurant design, advertising, food packaging, staff uniforms, enjoy public goods such as all visual elements.KFC in global synchronous unified release the new logo, both in the United States, Britain, Australia, or China, peop

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