? 9A 期末复习 上传文件_牛聚文档

9A 期末复习 上传文件

9A 期末复习 上传文件

9A 期末总复习 练习题

1.Your shoes under the bed________ bad. Please put them in the sun, Bob.

A. smell terribly B. are smelt terribly C. smell terrible D. are smelt terrible

2.Jim sat______ to his mother with his eyes half______. They really enjoyed the sunnyrelaxing afternoon.

A.closely;open B. close;opened C. closely;opening D. close;closed

3.It’s ______hard problem for the twins that _______of them can work it out.

A. so;neither B. such a ;none C. so a ; neither D. such a ; neither

4.--Are you sure _______he has taken the bag? --________I’m mistaken.

A. that;Until B. whether; If C. that;Unless D. whether;Unless

5.No one knew_______ . He looked so sad.

A. what the matter was with him B. what was the matter with him

C. what was happened to him D. what he had happened

6.Life of Pi is such ______wonderful science movie that I want to see it _______second time. A. a; a B. a; the C. /; the D. /; a

7.--Can a plane fly _______the Atlantic Ocean?--Yes, but it needs to go the clouds for hours. A. across;through B. through;across C. across;across D. over; through

8.The early bus had left when your father arrived,______ ?

________, though he tried to run as fast as he could.

A. did it; No, it didn’t B. had it; Yes, it hadn’t C. didn’t it; No, it did D. hadn’t it;Yes, it had 9.--Sam, would you mind if I copy the document? --____________

A. Of course not, go ahead B. Never mind

C. Of course, do as you likeD. No, you’d better not

10.--Mr Green, can I continue with the training?

--Sorry, you can’t ________ you haven’t got well enough.

A. until B. before C. as D. unless

11.--Sandy, you look so sleepy. Don’t you sleep well last night?

--_________. I was busy doing the project until early last night.

A. Yes, I did B. Yes, I didn’t C. No, I did D. No, I didn’t

12.While I agree with most of what you said, I don’t agree with________.

A. anything B. nothing C. everything D. something

13.We all felt surprised ______to see boy ______can make _____great progress.

A. a little bit;so little;so B. a little;such little;such

C. a bit; such a little; such D. a bit of; so little a ; so

14.This history book is of great value.

Exactly. _______can be enjoyed from it _______you have a deep understanding of it.

A. Nothing;unless B. Few;until C. Something; until D. Little;since

15. _______little water is not enough for _______many birds.

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