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Welcome to GLO-BUS. You and your co-managers are taking over the operation of a digital camera company that is in a neck-and-neck race for global market leadership, competing against rival digital camera companies run by other class members. All digital camera-makers presently have the same worldwide market share, although shares vary by company across the four market regions—Europe-Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and North America. Currently, your company is selling close to 800,000 entry-level cameras and 200,000 multi-featured cameras annually. Prior-year revenues were $206 million and net earnings were $20 million, equal to $2.00 per share of common stock. The company is in sound financial condition, is performing well, and its products are well-regarded by digital camera users. Your company’s board of directors has charged you and your co-managers with developing a winning competitive strategy—one that capitalizes on growing consumer interest in digital cameras, keeps the company in the ranks of the industry leaders, and boosts the company’s earnings year-after-year. Your first priority as a GLO-BUS participant should be to absorb the contents of this Participant’s Guide and get a firm grip on the procedures for participating in the exercise, the character of the digital camera market, and the cause-effect relationships that govern your company’s business. Then you will be ready to explore the software and start managing your assigned company.

欢迎 GLO-BUS 总线。您和您的共同经理人接管数码相机的公司,在全球市场的 领导地位的脖子和颈部比赛的运作, 对竞争对手的数码相机其他类成员公司的竞 争。 所有数码相机制造商目前具有相同的全球市场份额, 虽然股不同地区, 欧洲, 非洲,亚太,拉美,北美公司在四个市场。目前,公司每年销售接近 80 万的入 门级相机和 20 多功能的相机。前一年的收入为 206 亿美元,净盈余为 20 万美 元,相当于每股普通股 2.00 美元。该公司是在良好的财务状况,表现良好,其 产品被视为数码相机用户。 贵公司的董事董事会负责发展 1 获胜的竞争战略 - 1, 越来越多的数码相机消费者权益资本,您和您的合作,管理人员,保持行业领导 者的行列中的公司,并提高公司的盈利今年的后一年。 您的某 GLO-巴士第一优先应该是来吸收这个参与者的指南“的内容和参与的运 动,数码相机市场的特点得到牢牢把握的程序,和的因果关系,执政的公司的业 务。那么你会愿意探讨软件和启动管理分配给您的公司。

How the GLO-BUS Exercise Works
GLO-BUS is a PC-based exercise, modeled to reflect the real-world character of the globally competitive digital camera industry and structured so that you run a company in head-to-head competition against companies run by other class members. Company operations are patterned aft

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